Site Monitoring

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Transferring Files

Site Vigil will be most efficient when it can get direct LAN access to your web site log files, however it also supports remote access to a web site using FTP.

To access a site with FTP it must have use a pre-configured user account and password. There are currently security concerns about using FTP as it is possible to break the authentication. SiteVigil stores the password in encrypted form in the configuration information. SiteVigil also offers SecureFTP access to web sites, this is currently only supported by a few web servers but is becoming more widely used. The default port is 22 for this service.

FTP also supports a Passive mode, in this mode fewer resources are used to maintain the FTP connection and it is more secure. Site Vigil will default to using Passive mode in the Wizard but this can be changed by in the Scheduler. Make sure your web server supports this option before using Passive mode.

To make FTP access more efficient, Site Vigil automatically uses the FTP RESTART download feature if the server supports it. This can dramatically reduce the amount of log file data that needs to be downloaded.

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