Site Monitoring

Uniform Resource Locators (URL)

Understanding URLs

SiteVigil will monitor a set of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for you, informing you when one is inaccessible or gives an error.

The ubiquitous URL has the format <protocol>:://<domain name>/<object name>?<query string>

Browsers normally use the HTTP protocol and HTTPS for secure connections.

The domain name is the three or four part DNS name of the server e.g. Strictly speaking 'www' is a sub-domain name and is the actual domain name.

The object name is the resource within the web site to access e.g. /win32/chart.htm

The query string provides optional additional information for the server to give the client a tailored response. Search engines and HTML forms frequently use it.

You can optionally add authentication information into a URL, this precedes the domain name and is of the form <user name>:<password>@, you need to provide this information for sites that give a 401 access forbidden error message.

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