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About Site Vigil Licenses

To finance our considerable software development and support costs, Silurian Software use a license to control the use of Site Vigil.

It is offered for a 40 day free trial after which the product must be purchased. You can not obtain another free trial for the same computer.

During the trial period you can purchase the product by going to the Scheduler Licence Settings Page and pressing the Purchase button.

Site Vigil can be purchased directly over the Internet by giving your credit/debit card details after the software has been downloaded. When purchase is complete and the software installed, a final online registration is needed and then the software is available for indefinite usage. Free upgrades may be made available when appropriate.

There are two versions of Site Vigil, the Professional version (Pro) and the Lite version. Both versions can be trialed but the license for the Pro and Lite versions are different, you can only run the Pro version on a computer with a Pro license.

If your license becomes broken you can repair it by re-installing your purchased copy. If it is a trial license that is broken you need to obtain a fix code by running the Site Vigil Doctor program available for free download from our web site. A license may become broken if you re-install windows, change your system configuration or the date and time.

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