Site Monitoring

Site Vigil Tutorial

Getting Started with Site Vigil

Here is an index of topics as to how to use SiteVigil to best advantage.

Checking a web site page is accessibleSee Monitoring a web page
Using the monitoring informationSee Interpreting the access monitor information
Checking visitors to a web siteSee Setting up web site traffic monitoring
Optimising access from Search EnginesSee Checking keywords used to reach a site
Tracking new references to your siteSee Monitoring referrals from other sites
Comparing speed of accessSee Checking Internet and Server speed
Monitoring multiple web sitesSee Monitoring another web site
Keeping web server log information safeSee Archiving log file data
Tracking changes to a web pageSee Archiving previous page contents
Getting told of alerts immediatelySee Sending alerts by email
Controlling how often and when monitoring is doneSee Changing the schedule
Pausing the monitoringSee Suspending monitoring temporarily
Choosing the appropriate way to alertSee Using alerts effectively
Desktop status at a glanceSee Tray Window display
Checking all pages on a siteSee Scanning a complete site
Spotting changes to a web siteSee Tracking web site changes
Using emulation modeSee Using emulation mode
If all else failsTry the Frequently Asked Questions page

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