Site Monitoring


Managing your settings

Most of the time you will only need to use one Configuration. A Configuration is the set of information about the active set of monitoring operation and the data collected from monitoring scans and is kept independently. You can easily switch between different Configurations. There is a special Emulation mode configuration called _Emulation_ that lets you use the product without needing to access the Internet or set up a configuration.

To make it easy to move a set of configuration settings from one machine to another or switch between several saved configurations you are able to import and export the settings to a standard .INI file format. The program will automatically save the current configuration as a .INI file in case there is a problem losing the configuration settings held in the registry.

The scheduler has an option that lets you save the current configuration and load new ones. This is located on the Changing the general Configuration page as the Export button.

To change configuration use the File | Open Configuration... menu option in the Scheduler and either select the configuration from the list or select Import. If you want to create a brand new configuration select the File | New Configuration... menu option, the existing configuration will be automatically saved.

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