Site Monitoring

Analysing access time information

Page Access Graph

Site Vigil automatically stores the results of each monitoring scan. This information is used to display a graph in the Scheduler application.

To display the recent profile of accesses to a page just click on the entry in the list. The graph will then show historical access profile for that page. Each vertical bar represents a single monitoring sample, the height of the bar indicates the total time it took to access the page. The bar is split into different colors to represent the different phases of accessing the resource. The scale for the graph is shown on the left hand side. Monitoring samples that took too long or failed are indicated as Orange vertical bars.

It's often useful to compare the access graph of two different pages, this will help distinguish delays down to the connection from those at the server. You can select another graph to compare on the View Key dialog.

Setting page access

To look at the results in more detail you can view the data with View Raw Data

You can look at previous time periods by clicking on the Next and Previous buttons. To change the time period for the graph use the View Key menu command.

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