Site Monitoring

Checking web site traffic

Traffic Statistics

A very important measure of the effectiveness of a web site is the amount of traffic it is receiving.

To keep track of how busy or quiet a web site is, you need to have access to the server log files on the server. Most web hosting companies will provide this facility. Standard log file formats record one line of information for each hit that the site receives so that it is easy to monitor traffic statistics by reading the log file.

Once access to a web site has been setup you can activate traffic monitoring by clicking on the Monitoring Site Traffic option when a new site is added or in the Scheduler's schedule options when adding or editing a scheduled event.

After the web site log files have been scanned to build a unique site traffic profile, Site Vigil will alert you when the site traffic exceeds or falls below the 'average' value. You can select the permitted variation from the average in the Scheduler's Traffic page. This page also displays the current level of traffic on the site.

Traffic Monitor

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