Site Monitoring

Alerting at the right time

Managing Site Vigil Alerts

If too many alerts are raised then they tend to get ignored. There are a great many ways to customise alerts in Site Vigil so that the right person gets to know of the right problem at the right time.

You may want different people alerted when web sites experience problems, or for the more serious problems to alert in a more prominent way. You can do this in the Scheduler by configuring new alert schemes, one for each type of alert. You can then go to the individual site monitoring configuration pages and select the new alert scheme to use it.

A common requirement is to treat inability to access a web site more seriously the longer it goes on. If a site is down for a few minutes a record in the alert log is probably adequate. If it is down for longer you might want to escalate the alert to send an email to an engineer, if longer than that further alert actions would be appropriate. You can do this with the alert escalation feature of Site Vigil, if an alert condition persists and is not cleared then it can after a configurable length of time escalate to another alert scheme. An arbitrary sequence of actions can be built up in this way.

You can switch the alerting mode from the Alert each time to the Alert when raised and when cleared option. This means you get one alert when a resource goes offline and once when it comes online again, not every time that the page or site is found to have a problem. You can take different actions when the condition first occurs and when the condition is cleared.

Every individual page or ping monitor can use a different alert scheme if required.

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