Site Monitoring

Understanding the tray icon display

Program Status display

The icon displayed in the system tray window changes form to indicate what it is currently doing.

When a monitoring scan is active the icon colors rotate to indicate it is actively monitoring web pages and sites.

If there is an unacknowledged alert a red circle with a moving yellow box is displayed, however if the alert is a 'clear' alert - indicating a problem is now fixed a pulsating light green box is displayed. If the configuration window is open the central circle will turn purple rather than green. If you have chosen to pause the monitoring for a while then the icon is displayed in grey. When the program is first started up it pauses for a minute to make sure the system is fully operational before starting any scans, it indicates this by displaying the icon as a green circle in a cream box.

At any time you can get a text description of its current state by letting the mouse cursor rest over the icon, it will show its current status and how long before it is due to make another monitoring scan.

When you double click on the icon, the Site Vigil Scheduler is displayed and this has a summary of the status displayed in the bar across the bottom of the window.

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