Site Monitoring

Monitoring a whole site

Spotting missing pages, graphics and broken links

It is very easy to accidentally delete information from a web site believing that it is no longer referenced anywhere else, only to find out later that it is still used. Just as importantly any links to external web sites need regular checking as you want to spot as soon as this information is deleted or moved.

You can get Site Vigil to check out all the pages on a web site on a regular basis. To add a site for spider analysis you need to add a site and specify the Spider Analysis configuration.

You can also use the analysis information to find out which pages link to other pages and graphics as well as basic page title and size data.

If you select the Keep maps and compare option then you will also get informed about changes to a site since it was last successfully scanned. You can then concentrate on just the changes to pages and the links to pages and graphics.

You can also do a manual scan of a web site at any time within the SiteVigil Analyser

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