Site Monitoring

Emulation mode

How to use SiteVigil in Emulation Mode

When SiteVigil is installed you are given the option of choosing to run the product in a special emulation mode. In this mode no real monitoring of web pages or sites takes place. The product generates a random set of reports, historical data and alerts just to let you get a feel as to how the program works.

To switch out of emulation mode use the File | New Configuration menu command to create a new monitoring configuration in the Scheduler or File | Open Configuration to open an existing 'real' configuration. In emulation mode you can not do any web site monitoring by adding new web sites. Any web pages or addresses that you might add will generate 'random' reports and alerts. Emulation mode is indicated in the About box and the caption of the configuration.

To switch back to emulation mode you can select File | Open Configuration in the Scheduler to open the special _Emulation_ configuration (only available if you originally selected emulation when the product was installed).

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