Site Monitoring

Monitoring referrals from other sites

Checking referring Web Sites

Each new visit to the web site usually contains information about the page that the user came from. In many cases this will be from a search engine but quite often this will be for a specific link from another web site. If you have paid for a listing or an advertisement on a web site you can use this feature to track how many actual visitors are coming through. The other good way of tracking sources of web traffic is devising a special Landing page that is specifically referenced in the advertisement. If there are no other links to the page you can be sure each visit came from the promotion. Site Vigil watch monitoring will tell you precisely how many visitors reached that particular page.

To look at referrals go to the Referral configuration screen, click on a particular referrer in the top list and then select the Show details for selected referrer option. The list will show all the individual visits to the web site from that particular source. The top list shows the individual referrers sorted by frequency.

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