Site Monitoring

Checking Internet and Server speed

Measuring access speed

If you are paying for a web site to be hosted you will want to be sure that the service provider is giving a good service compared to your competitors.

Site Vigil unlike cheaper versions, measures access time to web sites in great detail. Accessing a web page takes place in multiple stages : locating the server, connecting to the server and then downloading the information. Usually the critical factor is how fast the information is delivered once connection is made. The main Access list includes a Download speed column you can simply click on the column heading so that all the pages will be listed in order of download speed.

The measurement applies only to the requested resource itself, if a page uses graphics then these will not be included in the analysis, you need to monitor them individually if you suspect that these are adding to perceived download delay.

Of course, one easy way to improve perceived performance is to reduce the amount of information in the pages to be downloaded. You can use the Analyzer utility to work out which are the largest web pages and how many graphics files are needed to load the page.

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