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Site Position Utility

Search Position - Using the utility

Checks the position of your site on all major Search Engines.

This the main index for the Site Position utility that lets you analyse and track the position of your web site.

The main display has three 'tabbed' pages showing different aspects of the search position analysis.

The Summary tab shows the overall results for a site with an entry for each keyword and search engine. It gives the current position of your selected site and any change to the position since the last scan was made.

The Details tab zooms in on the full results for each particular search engine and keyword, you need to select the entry you want from the comboboxes at the top. The List shows all the results for the scan with your selected site highlighted. You can double click on an entry to get further information about the result. In this mode the position change is shown since the previous scan on the same keyword and engine but you can use the Compare With menu command to compare the results with other engines and keywords. To view the trend of change of position of position over time use the Action | Trend Graph.

The History tab shows how the search engine position has changed over time. The graph indicates how the position of the site has changed over time beneath it is a list with an entry for each recent scan. It includes a plot of the Overall position for comparison. You can change the graph settings by using the Acton | Graph Key command.

The results include a special Overall result that combines the data from all the search engine scans for each keyword.

For a description of the available toolbar and menu commands click here. A context menu is available when you click on any of the pages.

For support check the web site support area or contact us by email on You can also call direct on +44 1189614277.

If a scan is not working please contact us with the search engine and keyword that you used so we can investigate the problem.

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