Site Monitoring

Site Position Options

Changing the settings for the scan

The utility uses a number of general settings to control how the scan of the search position takes place. They affect all the configurations not just the currently open one.

You can control the Delay interval which specifies how long to wait between scanning pages of search engine results - this gives the search engine a chance to keep up with the requests that you generate. This value is in thousandths of seconds.

The Timeout controls how long to wait for the search engine to respond to the request before abandoning the request. This value is in seconds.

To help you find your way around the application, most of the windows display tooltips indicating what each control does. To disable these tooltips uncheck the Show Tooltips option.

The utility needs an Internet connection to read the results from the search engine. It will normally use the same connection that your browser uses. If you need to specify a specific Proxy connection you can do this by selecting the appropriate option and filling in the IP address details.

Internet Explorer Proxy modeThis option is only enabled if Internet Explorer is set up for access to the Internet using a proxy server.
Do not use a proxy serverThis option indicates that the utility should connect directly to the Internet to scan the pages.
Use the following proxy serversManually enter the particular proxy servers you need to use to access the Internet.

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