Site Monitoring

Site Position Page Details

Detailed information about a page

When you select Details for a resource in the tree that has been analysed you are presented with full analysis information for that resource. A resource has been analysed if there are a set of folders displayed beneath the resource icon.

The information includes the Page URL, the Page Title, the current search engine position and the IP address of the server that provided the data.

You can look at information about the domain or server using the WhoIs facility. You can also show Alexa information about the domain in your default browser.

Further analysis information on the Size, last modification timestamp and the number of links to and from the resource is presented. For details of the links press Details.

If the page provides a META description or META keywords in its header these are displayed in the dialog.

Site Position automatically checks the HTML correctness for pages, the results of the scan are shown. For details of the validation errors press Details.

To generate a report of the contents of this dialog press Report

You can simply navigate to the Next and Previous results in the main search position list and can view the web page in your default browser with View.

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