Site Monitoring

Site Position menu commands

Options available for analysing position

The Site Position utility has a number of commands available through the menu or toolbar.

File menu

NewCreate a brand new configuration. Starts a wizard to let you specify a new set of keywords and search engines to monitor.
OpenOpen an existing configuration. Displays a list of the existing ones for you to select from.
SaveSaves the current configuration, storing any changes you have made to disc.
Save AsSaves the current configuration under another name. This lets your rename your settings.
DeleteDeletes the current configuration.
<Recent Files>A list of the configurations you have been using most recently.
ExitExits the program

View menu

ToolbarToggles the display of the Toolbar at the top of the window.
Status BarToggles the display of the status bar at the bottom of the window.
Graph KeyDisplays the colors used in the history graph display (when in History mode)
View in BrowserShow the results of the current keyword/search engine query in the default browser
SummarySwitch to the summary view display of most recent scans
DetailsSwitch to detailed view of most recent scan
HistorySwitch to history view of all recent scans

Action menu

ScanPerform a scan of the Search engine looking for the selected keywords.
SettingsChange the keywords , search engines to be scanned
ReportGenerate a printable/distributable copy of the current results
Compare withInstead of comparing with previous results , choose a particular search engine/keyword to make a comparison.
Find entryLook within the results for particular text - for example a site name.
Automatic monitorSwitch on automatic scanning of the search position at regular intervals.
OptionsControl the options used by Site Position for performing the scan.
InformationGive more information about the currenlt selected item in the list.
Trend graphShows a graph of the change of position of web pages over time.

Help menu

Help indexMain index to topics for Site Position.
Web HelpGo to the web pages giving support for the product.
AboutGive program and support options.
Update CheckSee if an update to the program or search engine definitions is available.
LicenseShow details of the license.

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