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Getting started with Site Position

Search engines are usually the main way that people will reach your web site. Depending on where your web site is positioned in the results there will make a great deal of difference to the number of visits you receive.

Site Position is a utility from Silurian Software that lets you check and monitor the position.

The utility does not suggest ways that the positioning can be improved, other widely available tools do an admirable job of that already. It however lets you analyse relative positions in great detail.

When you first run Site Position, a wizard will be displayed prompting for the web site name and then the keywords to check and finally the search engines. A keyword is what a what a user would type in to do an Internet search. Site Position will then scan all the selected search engines for the keywords you have entered. There is a help page of terms used in the product.

Once entered the details are remembered and you just need to select Action | Scan to do the scan again to check for changes.

After the scan is complete the results will be displayed. You can choose to display a summary of the results or a detailed listing or a historical trend in position change by clicking on the tab at the top of the window.

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