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Frequently asked questions about Site Position

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How do I change the search engines scanned ?You can change the settings at any time by clicking on the notepad icon in the toolbar or choose the Action | Settings menu command. Click on the Search Engine tab and select all the search engines you want to scan.
I can not scan any Search Positions at all. What's wrong ?Many of the anti-virus and firewall software packages will block attempts to access the Internet from a program in case it is making malicious accesses. What you have to do to enable SitePosition to read the search engine data will depend on the particular package you have installed. If it pops a message when you are using Site Position you should enable it to have access to the Internet. The program only reads information from the Internet to scan engine positions it does not send information out.
What is the Overall search engine ?The Overall search engine is a special entry that summarises the position on all the other search engines you are checking. It uses a weighted measure to give more importance to the more popular search engines (such as Google). Using this measure gives a better ranking measure of your web site rather than an individual search engine.
A search engine can no longer be scanned, how do I fix this ?If you are getting a message like Search engine the results could not be analysed, please check for a program update then this indicates that your definitions used to scan the search engine are out-of-date because the Search Engines have changed the way they work. You can check for updates by pressing on the Update Checktoolbar button or Help menu. This will check for new data from the SitePos web site. You get one year's free updates when you purchase the product.
How do I purchase the product ?Go to the license page. Click on the padlock icon in the toolbar or choose the Help | License menu command. The displayed dialog shows the current state of the license. If a trial is in progress a Purchase button will be shown, click on this button to display purchasing options.
How do I reduce the time taken to scan the search engines ?The time taken principally depends on how many keywords and search engines you have asked to be scanned. It will also depend on how many results you have chosen to scan, this is called the search depth. All these settings can be changed at any time by clicking on the notepad icon in the toolbar or choose the Action | Settings menu command.
Geting HelpIf you spot a problem with using the product, the best way to help the support team to fix the problem is to send us some diagnostic information. You can do this easily by downloading and running the SitePosition Doctor utility. We can then respond to your query knowing a bit more about your particular environment.
Uninstalling Site PositionTo uninstall Site Position simply use the Windows® Control Panel Add or Remove Programs option. The program is listed as Silurian Site Positio select this entry and click on the Change/Remove button. You can then complete the deletion by clicking on the Uninstall button.

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