Site Monitoring

Worker Process

Performing the monitoring work

The actual monitoring action of Site Vigil is done in the background by a separate process.

The program is called SVWork.exe. You can call the program manually from the command line or batch file if you want more control over the schedule of monitoring activities than is provided by the Site Vigil Scheduler

On the command line to SVWork, you need to state which individual work items you want doing. These are listed in the Schedule page within the scheduler as the last displayed column.

The batch file can detect the overall success or failure of the monitoring by testing the errorlevel.

The error levels set by the program may be one of the following :

1Monitoring action completed OK
2Monitoring action completed but one or more alert condition was raised
3An exception occurred carrying out the monitoring action
4The maximum timeout for a monitoring action was exceeded
5There was no monitoring action to do
6Another copy of SVWork was already running, only one copy can be run at a time
999Unexpected error condition

A sample batch file RunWork.bat is supplied in the installation folder.

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