Site Monitoring

Changing the Site Vigil Configuration

Scheduler - Configuration

The Site Vigil Scheduler gives you full control over the monitoring settings. It allows you to set up a complex configuration for monitoring one or more web sites. The menu and toolbar have commands to let you modify the active configuration of Site Vigil. The display shows a set of icons on the left that allow you to go to configure different areas of operation :

ScheduleChange the time when monitoring takes place
AlertsChange how Site Vigil tells you about problems it has spotted
OptionsGeneral program configuration settings, separate tabbed pages for License Viewer and Miscellaneous Settings
ReportDisplay the recent reported events
SummaryDisplay a summary of recent monitoring actions
AccessConfigure monitoring of pages and links
PingConfigure monitoring of web site addresses
<Site>There is an icon for each monitored web site, each site has a set of tabbed configuration pages

These icons will change appearance when they have alerts associated with them. You can use the right click action of the mouse over a web site icon to display a context menu for managing the site. It allows you to delete or rename the site as well as display an alert list showing currently active alert conditions.

To start monitoring a new site select the File | Add Site menu item. This will activate the Site Vigil Configuration Wizard to set up the configuration of a new web site. To remove all settings for a monitored site select it and then select theFile | Remove Site menu item. You can rename an existing monitor using File | Rename Site. You can File | Pause or File | Continuethe scheduling actions at any time. The File | Run Analyser activates the Analyser utility to investigate or scan web pages and sites. File | Find Site Position activates the search engine utility. To investigate the ownership of a domain name or IP adress use the File | Find Whois option. To close the Settings dialog and continue monitoring select the File | Close menu option, to exit the SiteVigil scheduler press File | Quit menu item.

The Edit menu operates on the currently selected item in the list (pages, schedule items, watches, etc.). Add adds a new item, Edit modifies and Deletedeletes the current item. Duplicate makes a new copy of the currently selected item. Run Now starts off the selected monitoring action immediately.

The View menu contains commands that control how information is displayed. Use the Status Summary to switch to Summary Status View mode. Show alerts gives any associated alerts with the selected item. Some of these commands are only applicable to particular screens. The Display option allows menu access to any of the pages displayed in the left-hand selection menu. Rescale changes the graph's scale to fit the display area, Key displays a window describing the graph display, Raw Data brings up a dialog containing the raw statistical data used to generate the graph, Summary shows a dialog giving an overall description of the selected monitoring item. The View As Web Pageoption shows the status in a Status Viewer Browser Page.

These commands are also available by clicking on the appropriate icon in the toolbar.

The status bar indicates the current state of Site Vigil, the first text area gives help on commands or the status of current monitoring, the second text area indicates when the next monitoring action is due and the last text area indicates if monitoring is active or an alert has been raised.

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