Site Monitoring

Search Position graph key

Scheduler - Search Position Graph Control

This dialog controls how the graph used for the search position history chart is displayed.

Each box shows the color and explanation of the elements in the graph.

The search position is shown in dark blue. If the position for the site could not be found for any reason an orange error bar is displayed.

Site Vigil computes an Overall position based on all the search engines scanned. If you select another search engine then the Overall position is shown by a brown line for comparison.

The arrow in green indicates the current time.

Light blue background indicates time in the future after the next scheduled scan.

A light yellow background indicates time between the previous scan and the next scheduled scan.

Select Month, Week or Day to change the time period shown in the graph.

Press Apply to make the changes to the graph and when you are content with the format of the display press Close to close the graph key dialog.

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