Site Monitoring

Displaying the schedule of work to do

Scheduler - Event Times

This list shows the schedule of all monitoring activities.

Each event is identified with a particular name, to change the schedule, click on the entry in the list and select the Edit | Edit menu item. To add a new scheduled monitoring action for an existing site and select Edit | Add menu item.

For each event you can see and how long remains before it will next be triggered, how frequently it will run and at what time it is due The Action column describes what monitoring actions will be carried out when the event is run.

To delete an event, select it and select the Edit | Delete menu item or toolbar button.

To manually run an event immediately, press the Run Now button.

If you want to control which events are run and without using SiteVigil's scheduler all you need to do is add commands to run the monitoring action in a batch file or program. The WorkId column gives the unique id. for each action, just add a command to run the SVWork.exe program with this WorkId as the command line parameter. You can put several work ids on the same command line.

The graphical display at the bottom indicates when the selected entry in the list will be run. It displays a complete week or the current day, the scans scheduled for the remaining time period are shown in dark blue, those already passed is light green. The current time is indicated by a green arrow.

You can sort the columns by clicking on the title of the column.

TIP If you pause the mouse over the tray icon for the Scheduler then a tool tip will appear indicating how long until the next scheduled action or what Site Vigil is currently doing.

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