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Traditionally the only way to keep track of web site traffic is to periodically monitor web site statistics. SiteVigil can automatically monitor web sites and raise an alert if there is a lot more (or a lot less) traffic than normal. It does this by periodically checking the web site's logs as a rough guide to the level of traffic. A sophisticated graph profile is available showing the current and previous levels of web site traffic. You can navigate through the historical information using the Previous and Next buttons. For more information on the graph press the Graph button. To look at the information in other analysis packages press Report to generate a report in a variety of different formats.

There are a number of controls that affect the traffic monitoring. Variance controls how much a sample point can deviate from the average before an alert is raised. Smoothness determines how many adjacent sample points are averaged to calculate the mean value. Historycontrols how long data remains in the statistics for determining the mean value, this value only comes into effect after several weeks of monitoring as it determines when old information 'drops out' of the analysis.

By reducing the variance or smoothness the permitted band of traffic load will shrink and alerts will be much more likely to be raised as indicated by the orange 'alert' bars. If the apparent log file size remains static for too long this may indicate a major problem, set the number of minutes of apparent inactivity before an alert should be raised using the Max Inactivity field. To show a detailed list of the raw sample data used select the menu View | Raw Data; for a summary of traffic statistics select View | Summary to view recent traffic related events select View | Events.

In order to build up a profile of traffic SiteVigil will, if this option is enabled, download the most recent few weeks of log files and analyse them, this may take a significant length of time to do, but is only done the first time that traffic analysis for that site is selected. If the server log file format or operation changes you may need to manually reset the log file information. You can do this by selecting the Logs tab and then the View | Summary menu command.

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