Site Monitoring

Controlling how to be an alerted about a problem

Scheduler - Alert Configuration

There are many programs that monitor computers and networks, to be useful they must not rely on a user remembering to periodically look at a 'log file'.

Site Vigil offers a range of ways of grabbing a user's attention to a problem with a monitored site or page.

You can specify an arbitrary number of different alert schemes. Each scheme can be used for different monitoring actions, as you may want a different action for urgent problems or for different web sites. To add a new scheme configure the options for it use the Edit | Add menu command, to edit an existing scheme click on it in the list and select Edit | Edit to change the options. To delete an existing scheme click on it and press Edit | Delete, but you can only remove a scheme if it is not in use.

You can also choose to raise an alert when no problems are found, this may be useful when you want to be sure that the monitoring is regularly taking place.

The list shows the actions to take on the alert and the type of alert, the clear alert action together with any escalation action to take if the alert is not actioned in a short time.

Each alert scheme can take a different action when it is raised to when it is eventually cleared, if it uses the same action for clear as raising this is indicated by '< Same >' in the Clear column.

To check that the alert options are working as intended press the Test button for the selected scheme in the list.

To flash the icon to indicate an alert is present select the Flash Window option, to bring the program to the top and activated on an alert select the Activate Window option.

You can also generate an alert each time an action is run, select the option and Configure if you want to be notified whenever an action is completed.

The active alert conditions are added to the Summary report, you can control the time period for this action.

See also : Alert Viewer

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