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Configuring Alert Actions

Scheduler - Alert Action Configuration

You can specify any combination of alerting actions, not just a single one.

Each alert scheme has a unique name that is then used within configuration options that select an alert action.

If the computer running Site Vigil is in constant use the default Message may be most appropriate as this will immediately command attention. Playing a sound through the computer's speakers provides a more intrusive alert for unattended PCs. A very useful feature of SiteVigil is to send an E-Mail alert or an SMS message to one or more recipients, and so allowing you to be notified off site. On NT some administrators make good use of the system's event log, Site Vigil can report to that too. You can get the alert to call up a web page alert that can take an arbitrary action (send an SMS message, log the alert in a database etc.)

Perhaps the most flexible alert mechanism of Site Vigil is to run a program. What this program may do is entirely up to you. It could bleep a pager or mobile phone or run some other monitoring software.

Each type of alert action has configuration options that are changed by pressing the Config button alongside the option.

When you have completed the selection of actions press OK or Next to exit the alert editor or Cancel to exit without saving changes.

See also : Alert Generation and Escalation, Alert Summary

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