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Configuring Alert Generation and Escalation

Scheduler - Alert Generation and Escalation

There are a variety of controls that allow flexibility of alert generation.

You can choose how you will be informed of a persistent problem. You can be informed each time a problem is found (for example a web site is inaccessible) if you want to be informed only when the problem first occurs and when the problem is resolved (for example when the web site is accessible again) select the second alerting option. In the case of this second type of 'edge' alert you can choose to use a pre-existing different alert scheme to be used when the alert condition clears. So for example you could send an email to a different account or use a different web page. Also you can choose not to take any action when the alert is cleared. This is often necessary if the scheme is used in alert escalation to prevent multiple alerts.

A powerful facility of Site Vigil is the ability to Escalate an alert. If an alert is raised and the condition is not cleared or manually acknowledged it can be automatically escalated to another scheme. This allows you to handle alert conditions in different ways depending on how long the situation lasts. Select the scheme to be used for escalation and how long to wait before taking this step. If you do not want the alert escalated select the No alert action from the list.

When you have completed the selection of actions press OK or Next to exit the alert editor or Cancel to exit without saving changes.

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