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Monitoring Mail Servers

Scheduler - Mail Monitor

It's important to know that the e-mail facilities of a server are running properly. Site Vigil can regularly check that the mail server is up and running as well as responding to requests in a timely fashion. A detailed profile graph of the response time is shown.

Individual mailbox accounts can be monitored as well. The list of currently monitored mail accounts is shown in the top part of the display. Each entry gives the name and the mailbox the time it was last checked and the current number of items in the queue. To add a new mail account select Edit | Add to change settings for an existing account select Edit | Edit. To delete a monitored account select Edit | Delete.

You can change the mail server being monitored by typing it in as the Mail Server, e.g. for the silurian domain. The alert threshold controls the maximum response time to the SMTP 'HELO' message and is measured in seconds. You can configure how you will be alerted to an error condition by selecting an alert scheme from the list. The top list shows the profile of mail accesses that have been reported over the selected Display period.

You can navigate through the historical information using the Previous and Next buttons. For more information on the graph press the View | Key command. To look at the information in other analysis packages press Report to generate a report in a variety of different formats.

To show a detailed list of the raw sample data used select the menu View | Raw Data.

To show a historical statistics and a distribution chart select View | Summary.

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