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Changing the error process action

Scheduler - Error processing configuration

Being told immediately about problems with a web site is one of the key features of SiteVigil.

It's all too easy to upload a page with invalid links or delete a page that is actually still referenced (particularly by search engines). You may want to be alerted about only a few specific errors or alternatively be interested in all errors. A number of errors relate to events outside the control of the server.

Site Vigil can periodically analyse your web site's log file for errors. The top list shows the errors that have been reported over the selected Display period. You can configure how you will be alerted to an error condition by selecting an alert scheme from the list. To change the way that errors are reported press the Edit | Edit menu item or toolbar button.

The second part of the display area is a graph shows the occurrence of errors over time.

You can use the Next and Previous buttons to display different time periods. The Key displays the graph key used and allows display options to be changed.

As well as reporting errors, it is important to quickly spot when a web site is inactive (this can also be independently checked using the Page Monitoring facilities).

The View menu contains commands to change the way the Graph Key is displayed or Rescale the graph scale.

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