Site Monitoring

Changing the general Configuration

Scheduler - General Options

Site Vigil stores its statistical monitoring information in a folder (one for each configuration name).

This folder keeps a number of files containing analysis data for the monitored web sites. There should be at least 100Mb of free space on the drive where you choose this folder (Pro version). SiteVigil needs considerable temporary file space when it is monitoring web site errors, watches, referral or traffic.

To create a new Site Vigil configuration use the File | New menu command or File | Open to open an existing configuration.

To save an existing configuration press the Export button and identify the file in which to store the information. It is recommended that you keep backup copies of the configuration safe. Site Vigil automatically creates a backup for the active configuration once a week.

Site Vigil keeps a report file of all significant events (including alerts) while it is monitoring, You can specify a maximum size to ensure that it will not grow in size indefinitely. It automatically clears the oldest reports to maintain this maximum size. To reduce the number of reports, you can choose to only record errors and warnings. If you want to know when all monitoring actions took place select the Report all Completed scans option.

Settings are split into different groups which you can select by clicking on the tab bar at the top of the dialog : License, Viewer, Settings and Alerts.

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