Site Monitoring

Displaying the Report Log

Report - Displaying previous events

Site Vigil keeps a log report file of all significant events. The most recent reports are displayed at the top of the list. New reports generated while the screen is displayed will be added to the top of the list. The text for the highlighted report is displayed in the box below the list. Any underlined text in the report is interpreted as a hyperlink and you can click on it to show the page in your default browser.

You can filter the items displayed by selecting a category from the drop down list and you can also choose the time period for which the reports will be displayed.

You can go the source of many of the reports by double clicking on the report or using the Source command from the context menu, this will take you to the related configuration page within the scheduler.

To organise reports easily you can click on a column heading to change the sort ordering. An icon in the first column indicates whether the report is an error, a warning or purely for information purposes. You can use the Scheduler to configure how large a report file is permitted to grow, Site Vigil will automatically clear the oldest reports to make space for new ones when the report file size limit is reached. You can search the report log by clicking on Search and entering the text you want to find. To look at the information in other analysis packages press Report to generate a report in a variety of different formats. To empty the whole report log press Clear.

TIP: If you see too many reports you can reduce the number of records by selecting 'errors and warnings only' from the General Options page.

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