Site Monitoring

Adding a new Mail Account

Scheduler - Adding Mail Account Monitor

If you wish to monitor a particular email account you do this by using Add... on the main mail monitor page.

To monitor an account you need to enter the account name and its access password (exactly as you would for configuring an email client like Outlook Express to read the messages in the mailbox).

You can select an individual alert scheme to use when an alert condition occurs on the mail account. The normal monitor type is to check that the number of messages is below a certain threshold. If you set the threshold to 1 then an alert will be generated each time a new message is delivered to the mailbox.

You can also choose to receive an alert when a batch of messages have been received. This works in conjunction with the threshold figure. If you set a threashold of 100 items and a batch size of 5 you will receive an alert each time 5 new mail messages have arrives up until 100 items are in the mailbox and then another alert for each new email message received.

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