Site Monitoring

Managing Mailbox Contents

Scheduler - Reading and Deleting mail messages

The mail account viewer screen lets you view the contents of a mailbox when it was last scanned by Site Vigil.

To view the current content using a direct connection to the mailbox use the Manage button, this will activate a special mailbox viewer that lets you view and delete mail messages in the queue.

The top list shows all the mail messages currently in the mailbox. To view an individual message double click on it or select it and then press Read.

Messages that have been added to the queue since the last Site Vigil scan are indicated by a star to the left of the list entry, messages that have been read are indicated by a square icon and messages that have been deleted with a cross mark.

To delete one or more mail messages select the entries in the list and then press Delete, Each message will be deleted from the message queue and a cross mark will appear for it in the list.

When you have finished reading or deleting messages press Close.

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