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Alert state chart

Scheduler - Current alert state

After reviewing feedback from our previous user interface it was clear that we needed to provide a way of displaying status in a more graphical manner.

The alert state chart provides a time based display like many other Site Vigil monitoring displays.

Each alert source automatically creates a new event line. The line shows any alert events that have occurred and also when the next monitoring action is due to take place.

To avoid clutter only alert sources that have had any events are displayed, so you only see events that deserve attention.

As with the Alert Summary and Summary Status View when an alert occurs you need to acknowledge it. Alerts that need acknowledgement are indicated as a special animated state. You can clear individual alerts by clicking on them and then selecting Acknowledge from the right context menu or Acknowledge selected alerts from the Edit menu, To clear all the unacknowledged alerts from the same alert source click on the line and select Acknowledge all alerts for this group from the context menu.

To acknowledge alerts from all sources in one go select Acknowledge all alerts from the Edit menu.

The time display can be changed, you can view roughly a whole week, a day or an hour. You select this from the View menu. The current scale is indicated by a tick mark.

To find out more about an alert event you can just hover the mouse over it - a tooltip will appear giving more detail. To get more detail just click on it with the mouse. Details will then appear in the bottom panel. You can also go to the full monitoring information by double clicking on it or selecting Go to source from the right click context menu.

If you select a scheduled event - showing when a monitoring action is next due to take place then you can click on it and select Reschedule from the right mouse menu to change when it is run, or Run Now to run the monitoring event immediately.

For information on what the various icons and colors mean, select Key from the View menu.

Use the scroll bars to move around the display area, the horizontal one to move back and forward in time, the vertical one to display different alert lines. The mouse wheel can also be used to scroll horizontally.

The Keyboard can be used as a short cut for menu commands

TABMove to next alert from the current selected alert, move to next line if last one
CTRL+TABMove back one alert
SHIFT+TABSelect next alert but keep current one selected
wSwitch to week view scale
dSwitch to day view scale
hSwitch to hour view scale
F11Acknowledge currently selected alerts
F12Acknowledge all un-acknowledged alerts
F7Open the set of alert lines that are currently selected
CTRL+F7Close currently selected group of alerts
ENTERGo to alert source information

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