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As a web site administrator you will be keen to know when other sites are referencing your site. If a link to a page appears on a popular web site then you can expect a great deal more traffic. You may spot this too late if you have to manually look at the web site statistics. This is particularly important for search engines.

SiteVigil will alert you when you receive a number of referrals from a new source. It does this by periodically analysing the web site's log files. To look at keywords used to reach the site click on the Keywords tab.

The top list records recent referral statistics. The second shows the detailed list of visits. You can control the time period (day, week, month) for the referral list. To display a list for all referrers click on the show details for All referrers option. For more information on an individual referral, select the show details for selected referrer option and then double click on the bottom list.

You can choose how many referrals are needed before you are alerted (you may not be interested in one or two referrals on their own) and how long the referral count is maintained for. For popular sites you may be particularly interested if referrals are not occurring at the expected frequency, this can be configured using the special referral feature.

To go to the source of a referral you may need to use the full URL rather than just the domain name, this is particularly important for discussion forums, to go to the individual source click on the Raw Query column rather then the first column.

The statistics are maintained on a rolling basis, you can specify how many days this will be maintained for. If you want to treat particular referrals in a special manner then press Advanced button to configure them. To look at the information in other analysis packages press Report to generate a report in a variety of different formats. Some browsers and firewalls will strip off referral information so that the web server gets no information as to where the referring link is located so it will be as if a user typed in a URL directly.

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