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Monitoring referrals (special cases)

Scheduler - Referral special case

You may not be dealing with referrals from particular sources in different ways, you can edit the list of special referral rules by editing the list with Add, Edit and Remove. The list shows the referral site name together with the limits within which the number of referrals should remain.

Enter the URL of the referring entity that you want to add to the set of rules for monitoring referrals. Any web site referring URL that partially matches the supplied name will use this rule so you can handle all references from a web site by just giving the base domain name.

To disable the monitoring of referrals from this source press the Do not monitor option. Otherwise you need to specify the threshold values for referrals, you will get an alert if the number of referral over the monitoring time period exceeds the maximum or falls below the minimum values.

See also : Monitoring Referrals

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