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Access graph key

Scheduler - Page Access Graph Control

The graph used for page access time analysis shows current and historical variation in access times.

Each box shows the color and explanation of the elements in the graph.

If you choose to display previous time period data then this is shown in light blue gray.

The lookup time is shown in dark green and is the time taken to find out the server IP address from the domain name in the URL, the connect time is shown in light green and is the time taken to make a TCP/IP connection to that server. The access time is shown in dark blue and is the time to read the information from the server. Note that if connection is via a proxy server then the lookup time is included in the connect time as it is the proxy server that does the connection and includes the time to map the domain name to an IP address.

If the access time exceeds the maximum permitted then an orange error bar is displayed. The arrow in green indicates the current time. A light blue background indicates time in the future after the next scheduled scan.

A light yellow background indicates time between the previous scan and the next scheduled scan.

You can compare one access time profile with another by selecting the name of the other monitor from the list. The comparison is shown as a turquoise line in the graph. Select <none> if you do not wish to compare against another item.

Select Month,Week or Day to change the time period shown in the graph.

The Show previouscheck box allows you to view the previous period's data at the same time so that you can compare access times to previous weeks.

The graph scale will automatically adjust to the highest access time on the current time period. If you check the Hold scale factor then the scale is not automatically reduced when you select the Next and Previous pages of data.

Press Apply to make the changes to the graph and when you are content with the format of the display press Close to close the graph key dialog.

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