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All web sites are under continual scrutiny by automated analysis engines called robots.

Robots are used by search engines to index a web site and it is very useful to know when robots are accessing a site. After submitting a web site to a search engine, a robot will, sometime later, scan the site several times before it includes it in its index. If a search engine is no longer regularly scanning the site you may need to re-submit the site URL to the search engine. This feature only operates if the monitored site has a robots.txt file in the root directory. All robots read this file to find out which parts of the site should be included or excluded from the scan.

The page shows a summary of the activity of all robots, It shows the name of the robot and information about how many times it has visited the site, the time it last visited the site and the time between the last and previous visit.

To get more information about the activity of a robot double click on it or select it and press Details to show a detailed list of visits by the currently selected robot.

Note: This feature is only enabled when Referral monitoring is enabled.

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