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Configuring servers to monitor with Ping

Scheduler - Ping Monitoring

One important feature of web site management is being made aware as soon as servers are not accessible. The simplest, lowest level means of establishing whether a site is alive is using the Interface Control Message Protocol (ICMP) protocol to Ping a server. Alternatively, if a server has blocked the ping protocol you can choose to check accessibility by attempting to connect on a specific port number.

SiteVigil reports any problems accessing servers and also keeps track of how long it takes to access them as well as the route hop information returned in the ICMP Time to Live (TTL) header field.

The list shows the servers that are currently selected for monitoring. To display information about a particular server click on the line in the list. Any server with a current alert condition will have an appropriate icon displayed in front of it. Sometimes you may temporarily not want any more alerts about a particular site. You can do this in the Edit | Edit options.

To show a historical statistics chart and event list select View | Summary

To add a new site for monitoring select Edit | Add... and to remove an existing entry select it and select Edit | Remove. To change the monitoring options select Edit | Edit....

The analysis graph shows the historical access times to the selected site. Click on Next and Previous to move to a different display time. If you want a more detailed look at the raw data displayed select the View | Raw Data menu item. The View | Key... controls the data displayed in the graph display and gives a key to the colors used. View | Rescale will change the graph scale to match that for the currently displayed data. If you want to check the same page in different ways at different times you can do this by duplicating an entry with Edit | Duplicate and then using Edit | Edit... to change the new entry.

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