Site Monitoring

Choosing and displaying summaries

Scheduler - Summary Monitoring Report

If you are monitoring lots of pages on several sites it can get a little difficult to form an overall picture of what has been going on.

Site Vigil offers a summary feature that generates a top level summary of all its monitoring activities. You can choose to do this as regularly as you like and report it in a variety of different ways. The same summary report can be generated as an e-mail or as a permanent report in a folder of your choice.

The report is displayed in HTML, you can click on the links to display the referenced pages directly within the SiteVigil scheduler, if you use this facility you can click on the display area with the right mouse button and use Back to get back to the monitor summary report.

When the screen is first entered the most recent summary report is displayed. To re-generate previous summaries use the Back and Next navigation buttons. You can also use Next to generate a summary for the time since the last summary report up to the current time. Press the Options button or use the Edit | Edit menu command to change the way that summary reports are generated. The Report button lets you save away the summary report as an HTML web file or an RTF document file.

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