Site Monitoring

Watching individual resources

Scheduler - Resource Watching

When you want to know the pattern of accesses to individual pages, graphics or other web site resources then standard site statistics fail to deliver. Site Vigil lets you monitor the level of activity of accesses to individual resources on a web site. This is very useful to see access to key pages : error, contact or product information pages. In order to monitor resources you need access to the web server's log file.

The statistics are maintained for all pages on the web site. It displays a count of the number of accesses to the page/graphic file over the last week. Each of the pages can be monitored individually so that an alert is raised if the count of accesses falls above or below thresholds you have set for that particular resource. If a watch is currently out of its range then an alerting icon is shown in the first column.

To add a new page to watch double click on an entry in the list or select Edit | Add menu item or toolbar button. To edit the monitoring options for an existing entry double click the entry or select the entry and select the Edit | Edit menu option.

You can choose to exclude graphics file (files with .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png extensions) from the list by selecting the Exclude graphics file option. For large sites you may need to limit how many counts are displayed, you can so this by specifying the Maximum files to display, only that many most frequently accessed pages will be displayed.

For the currently selected entry a graph is shown giving the number of accesses to the resource. You can use the Next and Previous buttons to display different parts of the history of accesses. The Key displays the graph key used and allows display options to be changed. Data allows you to look at the raw data statistics. The View | Rescale menu command will change the graph scale to match that for the currently displayed data.

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