Site Monitoring

Keeping Site Vigil up to date

Scheduler - License and Upgrade Status

A license is used to control the rights to continue to use Site Vigil. It can be installed as a free trial or fully purchased. The dialog displays a summary of the license state, and information about when it was installed and by whom.

When within the trial period a Purchase button will be shown allowing you to purchase a license online with the minimum of fuss. If the program is awaiting registration before it can be used a Register button will be shown, If your license is broken in some way a Fix button will be shown allowing a fix code issued by Silurian Software to repair the license state.

The second part of the dialog controls the automatic update feature of SiteVigil. It shows the current program version and allows you to check manually or automatically for the availability of a program upgrade. If one is available you can upgrade your copy without re-installing it. SiteVigil allows you to automatically check for updates every week and alert you when one becomes available. To check and install an upgrade press the Upgrade Check button.

If you want to move a purchased copy of Site Vigil to another PC all you need to do is select the 're-install purchased option' when installing it and then enter your unique purchase order number.

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