Site Monitoring

Miscellaneous Configuration Settings

Scheduler - Global Settings

A few settings applying to several monitoring operations and are placed together for convenience.

There is also a general configuration setting when checking how long it takes to access a page. You can adjust the time limit for checking a page access. You may need to do this if the page's you want to test are very slow to load.

If you are using FTP to connect to web site you can control how long Site Vigil is prepared to wait before a connection is established.

Site Vigil automatically retries access to a web page, it generates an alert if it can not gain access within the designated time within the specified number of retries. The default setting is 3.

You can use Site Vigil to connect to the Internet or via a Proxy. Normally the program will automatically try to use the same Proxy settings as Internet Explorer, if you want to use a different proxy setting you need to add the IP address of the server in the box together with the port number. There are separate settings for HTTP and HTTPS as they may use different ports or even IP addresses. Please refer to your proxy server documentation as to which settings you need to use.

You can control what you want to happen if a monitoring action is due while you are in the middle of configuring the program. You can request that you are always asked to see if it is appropriate to run the event.

Site Vigil supports tool tips to help you configure the options. You can switch these off by deselecting the Tips check box.

When you install the software you can choose whether it should start up automatically each time you login, you can change this at any stage by changing the check box option. Site Vigil always pauses for a minute after starting up to allow other initialization actions to complete before it gets going.

After making any changes, click on another icon in the left hand pane to make your changes come into effect.

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