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Site Vigil supports its own special viewer capability in the Pro Version. You can check the status of your monitoring activities using your web browser. This facility is not limited to a single PC, several people can view this information remotely - as long as your firewall and intranet settings permit external access to the PC running Site Vigil.

The information shown in the Viewer is read only, you can not change the monitoring actions in any way, a copy of any alerts will be sent to the browser as well as the normal alerting mechanism.

Change the refresh frequency to control how regularly the information pages are automatically refreshed in the viewing browser.

To configure the Viewer facility you must specify a port number for the Viewer Server process to use, you can then normally access the information by typing in http://<machine id>:<port number>/index.rsp. Where <machine id> is the name or IP address of the machine that is running Site Vigil and <port number> is the port you have chosen. To access the information elsewhere you will need to enter this URL directly in the browser. You should use a port number that can not conflict with any other socket based services running on your system.

Clicking on the View button activates the browser on this page. You can also activate the viewer by selecting the View | As Web Page menu command.

If you do not want the information to be viewed using a browser select the 'Do not allow information to be externally viewed' option.

The status of the server component that provides the information to client PCs is shown in the bottom text box.

Press the Apply button to make the changes take effect.

NOTE That the Lite version of Site Vigil does not support this facility

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