Site Monitoring

Changing the error filter

Scheduler - Error filter settings

As well as reporting errors, it is important to quickly spot when a web site is inactive (this can also be independently checked using the Page Monitoring facilities) you can specify how long a gap in the web log report constitutes a likely problem with the web site.

Site Vigil will also detect each time the Server is rebooted if this information is inserted into log file.

You can control which error conditions will generate alerts and which ones will be ignored. SiteVigil provides default error filtering rules but you can define your own by pressing the Custom error filtering option, you can then add, edit or remove rules for individual error conditions. By default, if you do not specify an error action, Site Vigil will generate an alert for all error codes over 400. To override this behaviour you can add processing for a new error code by pressing the Add button. To change an existing entry click on it in the list press the Edit button.

Note that if your web site is generating large log files the repeated download of log information may not be a viable option as this will take a long time and require significant bandwidth, SiteVigil supports networked access to log files as an alternative access mechanism.

See also : Choosing which errors to monitor

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