Site Monitoring

Looking at log file information

Scheduler - Log File Summary

This summary report shows the list of files within the location you selected for the server's log files.

You can use this feature to check that new log files are being processed correctly.

The dialog shows the name and information about each file. If the file has a recognised format it will be given Log as the file type. The base address is used to sort the log files into the correct date sequence in conjunction with the date/time of the first record in the file.

The Reset button can be used if the log format is changed or the folder contents are not shown correctly, this will force SiteVigil to rescan all the files in the folder the next time it does a Traffic, Error, Referral or Watch scan for the web site. It will also force the program to check whether the FTP RESTART facility is supported by the server,

See also : Log file Formats, Configuring Site Access

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