Site Monitoring

Alert Viewer

Scheduler - Alert Management

This window lets you review and manage alerts generated by Site Vigil. It lists all the active alerts in the system, new alerts are added at the top as soon as they are generated.

Each alert in the list has a checkbox indicating whether it has been acknowledged or not. Any sound alert will be played while any alert is unacknowledged.

The Scheduler's icon will change to the alert form when any alerts are unacknowledged. The alert icon in the menu list will be highlighted and shown blinking for a few seconds.

To dismiss all active alerts press the Clear All button. Pressing Clear or the space bar will toggle the acknowledge status of the currently selected alerts.

When you are happy that an alert has been understood and needs no further action you can delete it by selecting and pressing Delete or all the alerts by pressing Delete All. The program automatically keeps the list to a manageable size, deleting old alerts when there are too many stored alerts.

To go to the alert configuration screen press the Config button.

Use the context menu Informationcommand to show details of the selected alert. To go to the source of an alert double click on or select Source from the context menu.

To save a snapshot of the alert status as a report use the Report... button.

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