Site Monitoring

Summary Status View

Scheduler - Status view

This screen gives the current monitoring status at a glance. It has three panes or lists. The first shows active alert conditions indicating problems that have been spotted. The second contains all the warnings and errors reported in the last hour or so. The bottom pane is a list of all the monitoring actions due in the next half an hour or so. Any underlined text in the lists is available as a hyperlink and you can click on it to show the page in your default browser.

The alert pane only shows persistent alert conditions (for example a page being unavailable or a web site unreachable) to view all the alerts use the View | Configure menu command. To go to the main configuration page generating the alert double click on it or use the View | Alert Source menu command. To show detailed information select Edit | Information. If the alert indicates that a previous error condition is now clear a blue tick icon is shown.

Normally, all acknowledged alerts that have cleared or not persistent conditions are hidden. To show all these alerts use the View | Show all Alertsmenu command, and use View | Hide acknowledged alert command to hide them. The tick mark indicates whether the alert has been acknowledged or not.

To clear away any acknowledged alerts use the View | Clear Alerts the alerts are still available to view under the Alert Viewer.

Press Acknowledge to acknowledge all the alerts displayed. These are also available from the right click menu.

The report view gives more information about problems as they are spotted, only warning and error reports are displayed in this list. Use the View | Configure command to view the full set of reports. Double click will take you to the main configuration screens with further information.

The scheduler pane at the bottom indicates all the monitoring actions that are due soon. The first column gives a description of the work item, this is followed by the time it is due to run and then its frequency. You can pause monitoring by selecting File | Pause to temporarily pause all monitoring operations and File | Continue to set it going again. An individual scheduled action can be edited using Edit | Edit or forced to run immediately with Edit | Run.

In addition the top line gives a one line summary of the monitoring status and an icon showing the overall status. You can generate a snapshot report of any of the lists by clicking on it and then using the File | Report right mouse menu command.

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