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Monitoring position on Search Engines

Scheduler - Search Engine Position Monitor

For each site you monitor with SiteVigil you can keep track of the position on one or more Seach Engines for one or more keyphrases. You will then get an alert if the site changes position and also be able to check on other sites in the top positions.

At any time you can get detailed analysis of search position using the Site Vigil Search Position utility. Once you have set up position monitoring this page displays the results. To change when the check takes place go to the Schedule page. To change the settings used for the scan use the Edit | Edit menu command or toolbar button. The list shows the results from previous scan, one row for each search engine and keyword with a summary of the position of the site and the change in position. For more details of the scan results double click an entry in the list.

At the bottom of the display is a historical graph of the web site position over time for the currently selected entry in the results list. Each scan is indicated by a vertical bar indicating the position of the web site found at the time. The Overall position is shown in brown for comparison. To view the historical data double click on an entry or select View | Raw Data or right click on the graph and select Raw Data. You can save the graph to a file by selecting Report from the right click context menu. To change the way that the graph is presented select the View | Key menu command.

To change the current settings click on the Settings button, to activate the viewer utility to take a more detailed look at the results click on the Viewer button.

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