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Site Vigil runs quietly as a desktop tray item.

To view the status, click on the SV tray icon with the right mouse button and select Status... from the menu. To change the configuration or view status in more detail select Configure... from the menu. To temporarily pause the scheduler from running any monitoring events select Pause from the menu. Select Close to shutdown the tray icon scheduler. You can always start the program again by selecting Scheduler from the Site Vigil start menu option.

The scheduler controls when and how often Site Vigil monitoring events will take place and is also used to configure all the monitoring settings. The program has a set of context sensitive help information for each configuration page. To activate help press the F1 key or press the Help button in any dialog. Here are some of the main topics :

Using the Site Vigil Configuration program

Alert status chart

Action alerts

Choosing web pages to monitor

Choosing web servers to ping

Choosing mail servers to monitor

Choosing when and what to monitor

Choosing when to warn about new referrals

Monitoring all pages on a web site

Choosing resources to watch

Choosing which errors to monitor

Changing the general Configuration

Changing the summary report

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